• CAREER INTERNSHIP – CB1201 (Classroom component taken at LTHS East Campus)

    Length of Course:                         One Year

    Credit:                                           1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement:                         12

    Prerequisite:         Apply the previous semester and interview. Concurrent Enrollment in Career Internship Field Experience

    State Code:                                   22153A001

    Course Description: This course provides the general and technical instructional phase of the Work Internship Program. Students will complete general instructional units on cooperative career and technical education, career, exploration, interview and résumé skills, survival skills, human relations, math in the workplace, and ethics. The students will attend school for approximately half the school day and work at an approved work training station for a minimum of 15 hours per week. The student-learner, parent/guardian, employers, and teacher coordinator to provide the student with the appropriate on-the-job experiences will mutually agree upon a written training agreement and training plan. Students will be required to pay a fee for the employer appreciation banquet. Students MUST apply, interview, and be selected for the Career Internship Program.