Length of Course:                         One Year

    Credit:                                           2.5 Credits

    Grade Placement:                         12

    Prerequisite:                                 Apply the previous semester, appropriate orientation courses and career interest

    State Code:                                  20113A001

    Course Description: This senior only course is offered in partnership with Lewis University. Students will participate in a blended learning environment completing classroom assignments online at Wilco Area Career Center and lab assignments at Lewis University. Fall semester students will take AVTM-10600 Aviation Fundamentals (4 credit hours) where students will learn about aerodynamics, aircraft design, stability, control, Federal Aviation Administration regulations and publications, weight and balance, and ground handling of aircraft. 90 contact hours (60 lecture/30 lab). Meets requirements of 14CFR 147. Spring semester students will take AVCMT-11000 Aircraft Structures 1 (4 credit hours) where the focus of the course will be riveting and sheet metal repair, including alumni ,m forming and layout and oxyacetylene welding operation. Corrosion and corrosion control are also studied. 180 contact ours (60 lecture/120l lab). Meets requirements of 14CFR 147. Students selected for enrollment in college-level courses must have appropriate academic qualifications which include minimum 3.0 GPA, Algebra I and II with a grade of C or higher, Physics with a grade of C or higher (or concurrent enrollment), a high level of motivation, and adequate time to devote to studying a college-level course.