Length of Course:                     One Year

    Credit:                                       1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement:                     9, 10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite:                             None

    State Code:                              10161A000

    Course Description: Have you ever dreamed of creating your own app? AP Computer Science Principles will introduce the basic principles of computer science from the perspective of mobile computing using App Inventor to create Android-based apps. Students will learn to create socially useful computational artifacts while using a curriculum that emphasizes communication and collaboration in a project-based approach and classroom environment. This course involves a strong writing component, as students are required to maintain a portfolio of their work. No previous programming experience is required to take AP Computer Science Principles. Students enrolled in AP Computer Science Principles are encouraged to take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in May, which may result in college credit for some students. There is a fee associated with the AP exam.