• The AFJROTC is a 3- or 4-year program in Aerospace Science (AS), Leadership Education (LE) and Wellness. Aerospace Science acquaints students with the elements of aerospace and the aerospace environment. It introduces them to cultural and global awareness, basic principles of aircraft flight, navigation, history of aviation and the development of air power. The Leadership Education curriculum focuses on developing leadership skills and acquainting students with the practical application of life skills emphasizing discipline, responsibility, leadership, followership, citizenship, customs and courtesies, cadet corps activities, community service, study habits, time management, financial education, communication skills, and drill and ceremonies. Wellness is an official and integral part of the AFJROTC program. The objective of the Wellness Program is to motivate cadets to lead healthy, active lifestyles beyond program requirements into their adult lives.  

    The core to the quality of the AFJROTC program is centered on the core values of the Air Force: Integrity First, Excellence In All We Do, and Service Before Self. These values support the Six Pillars of Character taught at Lockport Township High School. Cadets exercise these values through enforced standards of personal appearance and proper uniform wear, proper hygiene and grooming standards, academic excellence, and a higher code of conduct, honor and integrity.

    The proper sequence of coursework for the AFJROTC program would be for a student to take Aerospace Science 1 as a freshman, Aerospace Science 2 as a sophomore, Aerospace 3 as a junior and Aerospace 4 as a senior. Students who decide to participate in the AFJROTC program after their freshman year will be placed into the Aerospace course level at the student's grade level in high school in consultation with the Aerospace instructor. Aerospace courses are yearlong courses. Students will not be allowed to jump into the middle of a course that is already in session without approval from the LTHS administration.