Physics 2, Advanced Placement


    Length of Course: One Year (Lab Science)

    Credit: 1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement: 12

    Prerequisite: Physics, AP Physics 1 or DC recommendation/approval

    State Code: 03161A000

    Course Description: The AP Physics 2 course is a second year, algebra-based physics course that is appropriate for those students continuing in the medical field, engineering, or physical sciences. It will use inquiry based learning techniques of essential concepts, and require the students to explain causal relationships in physics in mathematical terms, model systems mathematically, and continue with problem-solving techniques started in their first-year course. Students will also be expected to design experiments, analyze data, and make connections across multiple topics within course. It continues exploration into forces and momentum started in a first-year physics course. These explorations take place while looking at the specific topics of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, special relativity, and nuclear physics. In the spring, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Physics 2 exam for college credit.