Physics 1, Advanced Placement


    Length of Course: One Year (Lab Science)

    Credit: 1.0 Credit Grade Placement: 11, 12

    Prerequisite: Chemistry, Chemistry Honors or DC recommendation/approval and concurrent enrollment in Integrated Math 3 or Integrated Math 3 Honors

    State Code: 03161A000 Course

    Description: AP Physics 1 is an algebra based, inquiry based, first year Physics course. The course is aligned with College Board curriculum and Next Generation standards. The course emphasizes enduring, conceptual understanding of foundational physics principles. It will use inquiry based learning techniques of essential concepts, and require students to explain causal relationships in physics. Students will also be expected to apply and justify mathematical routines, design experiments, analyze data, and make connections across multiple topics within course. The topics will include properties of mass and charge, field interactions, interactions of objects described by forces and conservation laws, and wave motion. In the spring, students may elect to take the Advanced Placement Physics 1 exam for college credit.