• PHYSICS - SC1525

    Length of Course: One Year (Lab Science)

    Credit: 1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement: 11, 12

    Prerequisites: Two years of Lab Science. Chemistry is highly recommended. Concurrent enrollment in Integrated Math 2 is recommended or DC recommendation

    State Code: 03151A000

    Course Description: This course deals with contemporary physics and shows how the knowledge of physical concepts are acquired experimentally and put into physical theory. The course is designed to study the structure and laws that govern the physical world. Topics studied in the course may include: mechanics, electricity, sound, and light. The students will use apparatus to collect data using a variety of techniques. Many of the laboratory experiments will use computers to collect and analyze data. Problem solving using algebra will be used extensively in the course. The course curriculum has been correlated to State of Illinois goals, standards, and benchmarks for science.