Parent Portal Activation Instructions

  • To activate your Parent Portal, go the Campus Portal Log-in Page and follow these instructions.

    1. Click on the "New User?" link.
    2. Highlight the code you were given in your email with your mouse, and use Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste your 32 character Activation Key into the field and click "Submit".  Do NOT highlight and then right-click your mouse to copy and paste:  this will generate a hard error that you cannot get past.


    1. Enter the requested information. Your password strength must be 100% in order to proceed.  Click “Submit”.


    1. Click "Back to Login".


    1. Enter your new user name and password that you created in Step 3.


    1. You will be required to enter an email address and your password that you created in step 3.  Then click "Save".


    1. You are now finished. You will receive an email indicating that you successfully updated your account.