• Enrollment for New/Transfer Students

  • All new District 205 families must enroll their new student through our online enrollment application. Parents and guardians of new students must have access to a computer and have an email address.

    Parent Access: When both parents are not residing in the same household, LTHS will allow both parents full access to the student and to student records UNLESS we are provided with a legal document (divorce decree, custody agreement, order of protection) stating otherwise.

    Accommodations for Those Without a Computer or Internet Access: District 205 can offer accommodations for those without a computer or internet access.  Please contact one of the Registrars listed below for an appointment to use our in-house kiosk.

    Transfer Students: Please notify your current school of your decision to transfer to District 205. Your current school will need to provide a “Transfer In Good Standing” letter which you can then upload into the application.

    Registration Fees: A registration fee, established annually by the Board of Education, is required for all students. To pay for your school fees online, you will need your student's nine (9) digit student ID number.  Students whose families meet the federal income guidelines for free or reduced lunch are eligible for fee waivers

    Information and Documents Needed: All uploaded documents must be current (within the past 30 days) and include the parent/guardian name with a District 205 address. 

    Parents/Guardians of 8th grade students: When enrolling a student for next school year, birth certificate and residency as outlined below are required to be uploaded.

  • Before you begin the Online Enrollment Application, please gather the following information and documents:


    Documents needed for upload into
    Online Enrollment Application

    Household Information:

    • Addresses
    • Phone Numbers
    Three proofs of residency

    Parent/Guardian Information:

    • Work & Cell Phone Numbers
    • Email Addresses

    Student Information:

    • Demographics
    • Health/Dental Information
    • Certified birth certificate (All students)
    • Immunization Record (Grade 9)
    • Physical Exam (Grade 9)
    • Dental Exam (Grade 9)
    • Transfer In Good Standing Letter (Transfer students)
    • Report Card (Transfer students)
    • Transcripts (Transfer Students)
    • Withdrawal papers (Transfer Students)
    • Standardized test scores from previous school, including ACCESS testing, if applicable
    • Proof of 12th grade meningococcal vaccines

    Emergency Contacts:

    • Addresses
    • Phone Numbers

    Custody Documentation (if applicable)

    Any existing legal custody/divorce decree or guardianship documents

    Most Recent IEP or 504 Plan (if applicable)

    Any IEP or 504 documentation
  • If you have a current student enrolled at LTHS please log in to your parent portal and click the ONLINE ENROLLMENT link to complete registration for your incoming new student.

    If you have never created your parent portal with your previous student(s), please email registration@lths.org to get your activation code to create your account, and then click the ONLINE ENROLLMENT link to complete the steps.

    When you are ready to begin the application, please click the button below. Please write down your application number in case you need to reference it later. Once you've complete the application, don't forget to click SUBMIT.

    Please Note: “Pop-ups” must be enabled on your Firefox or Chrome browser.

  • Once you have completed the process, you will receive an email notification about your status and the next steps in the enrollment process. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the Registrars below with your application number.

    Grade 9 (A-Z)

    Jennifer Cunnane

    (815)588-8251 or

    Grade 10-12 (A-L)

    Mary Marciniak

    (815)588-8351 or

    Grade 10-12 (M-Z)

    Laura Knowles

    (815)588-8354 or

    Homeless Liaison

    Lori Mattix

    (815)588-8263 or