Student Government

  • Club Description: The Student Government consists of the students who wish to lead the school in both social and community activities. Students may become members by attending three consecutive meetings. Officers for the organization are elected in the spring by the student body for the following school year. This organization represents the student body at school board meetings and on various other communities. In addition, the Student Government sponsors many social activities throughout the school year such as Homecoming, concerts, pep assemblies, and the Twirp dance in the spring. Furthermore, Student Government is interested in working within our community. The money that is made is contributed to worthy causes. Also, time is donated to such organizations as the Heartland Blood Bank. The Lockport Student Government is also very active in the SWSC Student Government. Each year members attend a Leadership Conference, which is held at one of the SWSC Conference Schools.

    Sponsors/Contact Information: Ms. Courtney Oxley-Turner, Phone: (815)588-8453 and Mr. Ryan Visser, Phone: (815)588-8639.

    Meeting Location: Google Meet through the Student Government.

    Meeting Time: 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM 

    Meeting Dates:  1'st and 3'rd Wednesday's of each month.