Future Educators of America


    Club Description: What is FEA? FEA is short for Future Educators of America, a club for students interested in working in the field of education. FEA is primarily a service club that provides opportunities to learn more about the field of education and to help out teachers within our building. Our club works with the Special Education/Transition students as well as with local feeder schools to learn more about the field of education.
    Events this year:  Guest speakers, charity collections, Step-Up Night,  and Homecoming Hallway Decorations

    Sponsors/Contact Information: Stamatina Asiouras-Hernandez Email: shernandez@lths.org  Phone: 815-588-8540
    Meeting Location: East Campus Room 236.

    Meeting Time: 3:20 to 4:20 PM

    Meeting Dates:  As we approach the dates of events there will be additional meeting dates!

    10/3/18  11/7/18 12/5/18 1/9/19 
     1/23/19  2/6/19 3/6/19   4/3/19